Special Recording Projects

Emily Rose Cole

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I Wanna Know

Sultry, sweet, and authentic, Emily Rose Cole combines lyrical original songs with the classics you love in a debut album that will take your breath away.

With Rolly Brown, Cliff Cole, Mike Ritter, Daniel Faga, Brian Pearson, Rob Fedorczyk, Trudy Gojeski, Rob Yoder, Anna Lisa Yoder, and Stan Slotter.

Falling Wings (Glass Roses)

“Falling Wings” is a stimulating and modernized mix of traditional folk music and upbeat original tunes characterized mainly by the ethereal timbre of the hammered dulcimer, the bluesy spirit of the Dobro (slide guitar), and sweet, pure vocals.

With Cliff Cole and Rob Fedorczyk

TACHYONMETRY – tachyonmetry.com

Cliff Cole and Brian Pearson

Sunset Waterfall 

An eclectic mix of instrumental folk, classical, and original music featuring Cliff and Brian, sometimes backed up by a few of their musical friends.



Norm Williams

A Wayfarer…Songs of Hope and Encouragement

After several months in the studio, hours of mixing and mastering – Our friend Norm completed his project, a wayfarer… songs of hope and encouragement … 15+ songs that have been meaningful to Norm… and now he can share them with you.

Cliff helped fund and produce this project and joined Trudy and Rob in contributing their musical talents.