Autumn Calling


Cliff Cole: hammered dulcimer, bongos

Denis Blodgett: tin whistle, guitar, bouzouki
Sally Cole: guitar
Anna Lisa Yoder: violin,cello, mandolin
Rob Yoder: concertina, bouzouki, bodhrán, mountain dulcimer

Special Guest Musicians:

Rich Bernardin: mandolin
Jesse Grim: guitar
Jay Kreider: banjo
Ed Nardi: riq (Egyptian tamborine)



About the recording:

Autumn Calling is one of Cliff’s personal projects. DayBreak was sort of stalled in the early ’90s after releasing Unity and starting work on the recording that would become Little Steps. We were in the middle of babies and buying houses and generally living life, and just didn’t have the energy for recording. Cliff, however, was ready to record, and along with a little help from the rest of us and some other friends, he pulled off this great instrumental recording.

The Blarney Pilgrim, The Barn Raising, Frost Along the Bridle Path, When the Kids go fishing, and The Joys of Wedlock were recorded in 1993 and 1994 at MorningStar Studios in Springhouse, Pennsylvania by Glenn Barratt. All other tunes were recorded by Rich Bernardin at Lost Pyramid Studios, Egypt, Pennsylvania from September 1992 through March 1993. Produced by Cliff Cole and DayBreak. The cover photo by Cliff. The CD graphic design and layout is by Cliff and Rob.

Cliff’s hammered dulcimer was built by James Jones of Bedford, Virginia. It is a 16/18 with an extra bass bridge. For more information, browse to

About the music:

Wedding Bells (5:08) — Cliff Cole ©1993
Cliff – hammered dulcimer

The New Dulcimer Waltz (2:43) — Cliff Cole ©1993
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Anna Lisa – cello, Rob – mountain dulcimer
I wrote this tune on my old ducimer on the very same day I received my new dulcimer from James Jones.

The Blarney Pilgrim (3:08)
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Denis – guitar & tin whistle, Anna Lisa -violin,
Rob – bodhr
A traditional Irish jig played by DayBreak. To receive the gift of eloquence, pilgrims climb to kiss the Blarney Stone set high in Blarney Castle.

The Barn Raising (2:33) — Cliff Cole ©1993
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Denis – tin whistle, Sally Cole – guitar, Anna Lisa – mandolin, Rob – mountain dulcimer
This tune commemorates an Amish barn raising in which I participated. The barn replaced a William Penn Land Grant barn that burned at the Randolphs’ farm in Cochranville, PA.

Early Autumn Sky (3:03) — Cliff Cole ©1993
Cliff – hammered dulcimer
I was inspired to write this song after watching the full moon rise at Pulpit Rock.

Changing Seasons (3:42) — Cliff Cole and Denis Blodgett ©1988
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Denis – guitar, Rich Berdardin – mandolin
A piece Denis and I wrote and DayBreak recorded for our first tape, Dawn. We created the tune back in 1988, when summer was chaning into fall.

Si Bheag Si Mhor (the big faerie hill and the little faerie hill) (4:26)
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Denis – tin whistle
Outside on an autumn day, I play this familiar waltz by Turlough O’Carolan. A neighboring whistle player hears the tune and plays along.

Pancakes for Breakfast (Cliff Cole ©1993) / Red Haired Boy (4:57)
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Rich Berdardin – mandolin, Denis – guitar
“Pancakes” is for my daughter Emily Rose, who loves pancakes for breakfast. “Red Haired Boy” is a bluegrass standard, also known as an Irish ballad, “Tinker Little Beggar Man.”

Waterfall / Shooting Star (4:14) — Cliff Cole ©1993
Cliff – hammered dulcimer
These two tunes are among the first I wrote for the hammered dulcimer.

Frost Along the Bridle Path (4:48) — Cliff Cole ©1993
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Ed Nardi – riq, Anna Lisa – violin, Rob – bouzouki
I gain the inspiration for many of my tunes when riding my mountain bike to work. In the fall, the plants along the old bridle path I follow are often covered with a frosty glaze.

When the Kids go Fishing / The Joys of Wedlock(4:26)
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Denis – tin Whistle, Rob – bodhrán
“Fishing” was written for five-year-old Trudy and four-year-old Emily when they caught six fish in half and hour on the Unami River. “The Joys of Wedlock” is a traditional Irish jig I learned from mountain dulcimer player, Alf Bashore.

Autumn Calling (5:41)
Cliff – hammered dulcimer and bongos, Denis – guitar
Denis and I wrote this tune around 1990. Autumn calls, time for reflection and change.

Brother James Air (3:18)
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Anna Lisa – cello, Rob – mountain dulcimer
This beautiful air was written by a Scottish monk, Brother James Macbeth Bain. I am using soft hammers for a delicate, muted effect.

Blackberry Blossom (2:57)
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Rich Bernardin – mandolin, Jesse Grim – guitar, Jay Krieder – banjo
A traditional bluegrass tune we used to play in Steel City Strings, the first group in which I played the hammered dulcimer.

Charlotte (3:21)
Cliff – hammered dulcimer
I wrote this tune in honor of my sister Charlotte.

Dawn (2:13)
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Rich – mandolin, Denis – guitar
The title track from DayBreak’s first recording. Watching the sun rise over Sebago Lake in Maine inspired me to write this tune.

Fog on the Water / Mountain Bike Ride(4:09)
Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Denis – Bouzouki, Anna Lisa – cello, Rob – concertina
“Fog” is a scene I often have seen along the Little Lehigh River during autumn. “Mountain Bike” is an ode to my favorite mode of transportation. After recording sessions, Rich and I would often ride our bikes over the hills and dales near his home.