An Evening of Christmas Music

with DayBreak & Friends


Cliff Cole: hammered dulcimer, djembe, guitar
Anna Lisa Yoder: violin, mandolin, bouzouki
Rob Yoder: voice, guitar, concertina, recorders, bouzouki, harp, djembe
Emily Rose Cole: vocals, tin whistle, percussion
Trudy Yoder (Gojeski): cello, voice
LydiaYoder: violin, flute, voice 
Seth Yoder: piano, hammered dulcimer, voice, chimes

Our Friends
Becky Felton: percussion(‘Twas in the Moon, Christmas Eve)
Chara Histand: voice, chimes (Christ Child Lullaby, Kling Glockchen)
Sophia Schneible: viola (Concerto Grosso)
Joan Wismer: flute (Gesu Bambino)
Beth Yoder: piano (Gesu Bambino, Make a Wish) 
Jerry Yoder: guitar, voice (The Messenger, Nothing but a Child, Good King Wenceslas) 
Justin Yoder: voice (Good King Wenceslas)
Lynne Rush, Ray Overpeck, Marilyn Nolt, Beth Yoder: recorders (Riu, Riu Chiu, What child is this?, It barn er fød I Bethlehem)

About the recording:

An Evening of Christmas Music was recorded live at Perkasie Mennonite Meetinghouse in Perkasie, Pennsylvania. Recording and Mixing by Jason Gross. Mastering provided by Glenn Barratt, Morningstar Studios, Springhouse, Pennsylvania. The CD graphic design and layout by Rob.

Many thanks to all those who helped make this evening of Christmas music possible through publicity, stage setup, and encouragement. Thanks also to Perkasie Patchwork Coffeehouse for promoting this concert at its performances.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to the musicians who joined us for this concert. Thanks for making this a unique Yuletide celebration.

To learn more about Perkasie Mennonite Church and Perkasie Patchwork Coffeehouse, browse to

About the music:

Colmcille — Cliff Cole – Sample below  

Jerry Yoder

Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Anna Lisa – violin, Rob – harp

Saint Colmcille, sometimes called Saint Columba, was born at Gartan, Co. Donegal, in AD521, the son of a chief related to several of the princes then reigning in Ireland and in the west of Scotland. In 546 Echen Bishop of Clonfada ordained Colmcille a priest. Later that year he founded his first monastery in Derry on a site that was given. It was Colmcille’s monks who many years later produced the Book of Kells.

Beth Yoder

In 561 accompanied by twelve disciples, he left Ireland for the little island of Iona and founded a monastery there in 563. Many people were attracted by the lives of the monks on Iona and came to Colmcille for advise. Colmicille and his monks built a fleet of boats and in these they set out in all directions from Iona. They travelled to the mainland and the nearby Scottish islands and the north of England teaching and preaching, building 56 Churches and schools. For this reason Colmcille is called the Apostle of Scotland.

In the Bleak Midwinter — G. Holst, 1906; C. Rossetti, c. 1872
Anna Lisa – violin, Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Emily – voice, Lydia – violin, Rob – harp, Seth – Hammered Dulcimer, Trudy – cello


‘Twas in the Moon of Wintertime — French; St. Jean de Brebeuf, 1643
Anna Lisa – violin, Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Lydia – violin, Rob – alto recorder and voice, Trudy – cello

St. Jean de Brebeuf was a missionary who worked with American Indians along the banks of Lake Huron in Canada. His courage is legendary up until his gruesome death in 1649. He wrote this hymn of Christmas in a way that could be understood in the American Indian culture.


Sound of the Tambourine — Emily Cole
Anna Lisa – violin, Cliff – guitar, Emily – voice and tambourine, Rob – djembe, Seth – chimes

Emily’s spirited composition asks, “What shall we do when the King comes.”

What Child is This? (Greensleeves) —Traditional English
Played by Heartwood: Lynne Rush, Ray Overpeck, Marilyn Nolt, Beth Yoder, and Rob Yoder–recorders

Christ Child Lullaby — Traditional Hebridian Carol  Sample below

Anna Lisa – mandolin, Chara – voice, Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Lydia – flute, Rob – bass recorder and harp, Seth – piano, Trudy – cello

Becky Felton

In the Midst of Winter’s Night — Traditional Catalonian
Anna Lisa – violin, Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Lydia – violin, Rob – harp,

Seth -keyboard, Trudy – cello

Kling Glockchen — Traditional German
Anna Lisa – violin, Lydia – violin, Rob – voice, Seth -keyboard, Trudy – cello

This carol’s chorus implores us to ring the bells. It tells of Mary and the infant tender.

Chara Histand (Law)

Riu, Riu Chiu — Ancient Spanish Carol
Played by Heartwood: Lynne Rush, Ray Overpeck, Marilyn Nolt, Beth Yoder–recorders, Rob Yoder – voice, and Cliff Cole – djembe

Riu, riu, chiu (nightingale’s sounds)
The river bank protects it, As God kept the wolf from the lamb.

The rabid wolf tried to bite her, But God Almightly knew how to defend her,
He wished to create her impervious to sin, Nor was this maid to embody original sin.
He comes to give life to the dead, He comes to redeem the fall of man;
This Child is the light of day, He is the very Lamb Saint John prophecied.
A thousand singing herons I saw passing, Flying overhead, sounding a thousand voices,
Exhulting, “Glory be in the heavens, and peace on earth, For Jesus has been born.”
Riu, riu, chiu (nightingale’s sounds)
The river bank protects it, As God kept the wolf from the lamb.

Joan Wismer

Make a Wish for Me on Christmas — Stephen Chatman
Emily, Justin, Lydia, Trudy – voices

Angels Hov’ring ‘Round — Traditional American Hymn
Rob & the congregation

This simple, lovely Appalachian mountain hymn sung traditionally here, with the leader lining-out the text and the congregation joining in naturally. Note that the congregation adds there own harmonies to fill out the chords in this piece.

Gesu Bambino — Pietro A. Yon
Beth – piano, Joan – flute, Trudy – voice

Sophia Histand (Schneible)

Allegro from Concerto Grosso, Opus 6, No.1 — G. F. Handel 
Anna Lisa – violin, Lydia – violin, Sophia – viola, Trudy – cello
This string quartet is all in the family with two sets of sisters from two generations.

Carol of the Bells — M. Leontovich; arr. Catherine Rollin
Lydia & Seth – piano duet

The Messenger — Mark Simos
Jerry – guitar & voice

Nothing But a Child — Steve Earle
Jerry – guitar & voice

Justin Yoder

Good King Wenceslas — English Carol 

Justin – voice and Jerry – guitar; then Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Anna Lisa – mandolin, Rob – concertina


Heartwood: Lynne Rush, Ray Overpeck, Marilyn Nolt, Beth Yoder, and Rob Yoder–recorders

It barn er fød I Bethlehem — Mogens Pedersøn, 1620
Played by Heartwood: Lynne Rush, Ray Overpeck, Marilyn Nolt, Beth Yoder, and Rob Yoder–recorders

Christmas Eve — Traditional Irish Reel
Anna Lisa – violin, Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Rob – bouzouki, Trudy – cello

St. Basil’s Hymn — Greek Children’s Song
Anna Lisa – violin, Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Emily – voice & tin whistle, Rob – harp

Hark! the Herald Angels Sing — Felix Mendelssohn; Charles Wesley
Rob & the congregation

The Star Carol — Traditional Italian; Pete Seeger
Anna Lisa – mandolin, Cliff – hammered dulcimer, Rob – guitar & voice
I first heard this piece sung by Bill Crofut when he came to Goshen College.