Anna Lisa’s Photos

It’s hard to catch me without a camera handy. I guess it’s in my blood…my grandpa Histand was a photographer as well. I’ve been capturing images that tickle my brain ever since my parents handed me my first camera in 4th grade- a used Brownie Starflex! These days, I still use a trusty old traditional Minolta X-700, as well as a couple of digital cameras. My “thing” is lighting– the more natural, the better. I was an art major at Goshen College, and the best advice I got there from a favorite professor was to “Play with it!!”… sage advice which I still follow today.

Rob and I also work on stock photography as a side-line. We live in an art-rich county– Bucks County, PA. There’s no shortage of images here, although we’ve also been very blessed by travel & living in wonderful places such as China, Italy, Haiti, Tibet, Nepal, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Canada.

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Stock Images: My photo downloads are found under “AardLumens,” meaning “Earth-Light,” on the stock websites below. The Chinese characters in the logo above represent my Chinese name, An Li.