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SESSION 2: With the help of the "keepers of the cave" (as the Gilmans refer to themselves) and MorningStar Studios, we hauled our instruments, microphones and stands, and various other equipment down into the cave. This time we added mountain dulcimer virtuoso A.J. Bashore II to the mix along with our two youngest group members, Lydia and Seth Yoder.

Recording Engineer
Glenn Barratt and his assistant guard the cave entrance
with their digital tape machine.

Cliff Cole -1 Cliff Cole on the hammered dulcimer
Cliff wonders how the heck we will get everything on our list finished, but then begins grinding away on that
old dulcimer machine.

Taping down the dulcimer Seth Yoder on the hammered dulcimer
Because of the uneven cave floor we decide to fasten Seth's dulcimer down with duct tape.

A.J. Bashore on the mountain dulcimer - 1 A.J. Bashore on the mountain dulcimer - 2

Our good friend A.J. Bashore II started off session 2 with a mountain dulcimer solo tune.
Then he joined with the rest of us to form a 7 piece ensemble.

Lydia Yoder on the djembe Trudy Yoder on the cello

Lydia played some licks on the djembe while Trudy bowed that big fiddle thing.

Anna Lisa Yoder on the fiddle Rob Yoder on the harp

Anna Lisa keeps fiddling even though big drips keep landing on her fingering hand. Rob keeps plucking away.

Yoder Family Plays

We again played our music late into the night while our engineer Glenn Barratt captured it all. Our children did a great job of staying focused even when it was far past their bedtimes. Although we had some technical difficulties here and there (as you might expect while recording in a damp cave 100 feet below the ground), the evening went well and we recorded the other half of our cave CD. Next, we moved our recorded tracks into the studio for mixing and mastering. You can read about our finished CD and hear some sound samples on our LOST CAVE page. Thanks for dropping by.

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